The editorial board welcomes and encourages behaviour scientists who’s heart is in spreading the good word to contribute magnanimously to the collective. The editorial team has the task of curating the content that is published on the collective. The aim is to publish content that is interesting relevant and in digestible formats that are supported by empirical research. Different writing aids are readily available to help in the process of writing and finalizing. All you need to do to become a contributing author is to fill out a google form, write your article and upload it on the collective. It will then be edited by the editorial team and published at the click of a button.

Meet the editorial board!

Emilee is a wordsmith with an interest in behavioral sciences and personal finance. Prior to getting her postgraduate degree in behavioral economic sciences, she spent a decade in investment communication and analysis roles. She is now dabbling in content marketing and editing copy for her company’s many brands.

James developed an interest in Behavior Science during his undergraduate studies with a joint degree in Economics and Psychology. He subsequently obtained a postgraduate degree in Behavioral and Economic Sciences. His main area of interests lies in Intertemporal Choices, Income Inequality, and Environmental Issues. James is currently putting behavior research into practice as an Operations Executive in the medical industry.