We are a group of behavioral scientists who want to spread the good word to the global south. The aim of the collective is dialogue and discovery of the many ways behavior science can address human decision-making challenges.

Divya is a human behavior enthusiast. After spending close to 2 decades working as a consumer insights researcher, she got herself trained in Behavioral Economics. She has a wide-ranging interest in cultures, people and human fallacies that define their existence. She drives membership, informal and formal forum discussions. She can be contacted for partnerships, affiliations, and memberships.

Rishabh expertise lies data analytics, machine learning, and human decision making. He has worked in academic research institutions as well as in private companies to apply economics & behavioral science to real-world problems. Rishabh works in behavior science consulting and is the technical lead of the collective.  

Khushboo’s professional experience is a mix of research, consulting and management. She holds a post-graduate degree in Economics as well as Behaviour and Economic Science.